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Friday, 20 September 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

In this concluding post, I would like to discuss the ways by which one can get rid of demonic possession.

Let me explain with the help of an example. If anyone happens to falls sick then the disorder can be cured with the help of natural remedies. Just a little time and patience in required. There are many herbs which are commonly found in kitchens which can help us to alleviate an ailment, such as acidity, gastric problem, indigestion etc. However, if the ailment is so complicated that it requires surgery then it would be essential that a person seeks the help of a medical practitioner, without any time lapse.
Likewise, though the cases of evil eye can be dealt with by the victim but the cases of black magic, psychic attacks and demonic possession are so dangerous that they should be tackled only through a powerful Islamic exorcist.

The first mistake that the victim of demonic possession should avoid is to brush aside all the unnatural happenings as mere doubts. Considering demonic possession to be merely the stuff which horror movies are made of, would be belying it.
The second mistake which the victim should avoid is to narrate his/her weird experiences to every Tom, Dick and Harry. Just like Satanic whispers should not be disclosed- similarly the scary experiences of a victim of demonic possession should also not be told to everyone. Abu Huraira (ra) narrates that the Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) said, “Verily Allah forgives my Ummah for the evil thoughts that occur in their hearts until they do not say it verbally or act upon it” (Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim). The experience should be disclosed before the exorcist and to our nearest kith and kin. Repeating about those evil happenings will stir emotions of fear in our minds. Just like the fungus in our body feeds on sugars and thrives so do the evil entities feed on our fears and proliferate.

Now coming back to the main point we see that there are two ways in which a calamity can be handled. Either the distressed person can spring into action and do self-help. He can try every trick in the book to protect himself from the situation of being possessed, i.e. if the demon has left that much sanity in him. This is because once the demon takes over the mind of his target and creeps into his body then it is the demon that is in total control. The man loses his free will at the moment the demon strikes and possesses him. Total demonic possession shows that the target lacked spiritual power and his aura was so weak that the intruding demon could easily accomplish his mission. In such a helpless and powerless situation it would be wrong to assume that the target can evict the demon all by himself. Besides this, if the demon is under the control of a black magician then there is no point in resorting to self help. Even though you may be highly spiritual and you may also be a pious Muslim, yet self help in this dangerous matter would be akin to a fight of one against many. This is because the powerful black magicians have thousands of jinnat, demons etc at their beck and call. So all this makes it essential for a target to seek professional help.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


Kamara said...

Hi Amel,
my name is Kamara from Sierra Leone.

I have a demonic affliction which is seriously threatening my life and which i want you to help me for the sake of Allah. There is demon has sexual intercourse with me at night while i am sleeping. It disturbs me so much that my brain gets confuse always to the extend that i keep on masturbating always due to the lust it creates in me. By so doing its breaks any relationship i try to create with women.

So please sir i want you to help protect me from this stubborn demon. Please.

I eagerly await your response sir.

fareda said...


I need some help for my son...I feel that he is possessed or magic done to him...he was doing so well in school and everything ..but everything dropped to nothing..he is 20 years...not stable with job..doesn't want to go to school....doesn't save money ...he was reading quran to become a hafiz...

Please help or give some advise...

Anonymous said...

As Salamu alaikum,

I want to understand the concept of demonic possession proper. I need your help in educating me on the same. I would like to have a conversation with you.