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Friday, 20 September 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

This is another important factor which can lead to demonic possessions. If we leave the main door of our house open then it will become quite easy for the burglars to break into our house. Likewise, people who indulge in vices such as drug abuse, pornography; music concerts etc become susceptible to demonic possessions. Such people indulge in vices which proves that their addicted to wrong practices in life. Since addictions are habits which are beyond a person’s control so it shows that the people are reckless. This creates certain weak spots in their auras due to which it become cakewalk for an evil spirit to sneak inside their bodies and control them.

In one of my earlier blogs: howtogetridofaddiction.blogspot.com/, I have discussed in detail about Satan’s plan of leading people to self-destruction by getting them hooked on drugs, alcohol, porn and various others vices. Those who do not understand Satan’s evil agenda easily fall into his trap. Such people gradually lose control over their mind and they end up becoming severely addicted to a particular vice. Such people are quite easy targets because they lack a strong will power. Moreover, such people may also have a weak faith in Allah (swt) so they end up in a vicious circle.

Apart from indulgence in vices there is another mistake which can lead to demonic possession. When untrained people meddle in spiritual matters, whether it is séances or black magic, the result could be disastrous. While trying to bring a jinnat/spirits under their control, the black magicians are already playing with fire. The amount of risk involved is enormous and only a highly trained person can be able to handle the situation. However, sometimes amateurs also try their hand at black magic without any protection. A little mistake here and there is enough to invite the wrath of a spiritual entity. The spirits can strike back by driving the layman to insanity or killing him.
Therefore, before making it a habit to keep late hours and watching porn or before indulging in any vices mentioned above, one should think about the consequences of our action. There are chances that temporary pleasure seeking could lead to a psychic attack by an evil spirit and cause much anguish.        
Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname

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